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Maritime Museum and Displays

Museum Buildings

The Maritime Museum is headquartered in the 1868 former carriage house for the Joseph Francis estate. This building was in vary poor condition when the society leased it from the county with the condition that the building be restored and maintained by the Seaport Society. The down-stairs portion of the building, that once housed the carriages and houses, now has the library, ships store, ship model displays, and a small boat display area. Up-stairs was the grooms quarters and hay loft, is now an artifact display room, office, and meeting / work room

Outdoor storage sheds were added to the property and now contain part of the societies collection of wooden boats. The restoration shop was built alongside the museum building, to provide much needed work space and tool displays

The museum is currently working with the county to finalize plans and obtain approvals to build a building to house the A-cat Spy. This building will be located on the south-west corner of the property, bordering Hooper Ave. and River Road.


The museum has a large collection of Barnegat Bay Sneakboxes including the: 20 foot racing sneakbox Stormalong, Slade Dales camping sneakbox Sheldrake, a 15 foot racing sneakbox, and a Barnegat Bay duckboat, the Delux Duck that competes in the annual Duckboat world championship.